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Communication, Accountability, Productivity

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"Captivating, educative,
entertaining & thought provoking"

"jam packed with such interesting topics... short, sharp and had you engaged all day"

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Developing people and teams is a privilege

The Communication Series

A 6 part sequential workshop for leaders with multi-faceted communications responsibilities.


Green Zones, Prioritizing, Setting Boundaries, Collaboration

Radical Ownership

When you and your team take a radical approach to personal accountability life & work get better

Workshops | Development Days | Leadership Off-Sites


Event Net Promoter Score



Assessed by TED


Speaking Engagements

Conferences,  Culture days, Leadership off-sites

Present like TED

Equal parts One-Man-Theatre-Show and TED-talk Training Niall will introduce you to tactics that enhance your daily interactions all the way to a conference keynote. 

He uses 2 way video interaction, props, and entertaining set pieces to deliver content like no one else.

Learn how to turn an awkward moment into an opportunity, become the go-to spokesperson for your project, successfully pitch an idea and impress an audience of peers.

Run Forrest Run

​A short piece about Trail running, Running Teams, Heart Attacks and Gratitude.

Niall is an advocate and a celebrant of personal potential and the entrepreneurial spirit. He has established multiple business' in his career.

In this enjoyable and relatable piece he delivers a 30 minute true story, both autobiographical and wryly observational about the risks of stressful work and surprise heart attacks. The key learnings include radical risk assessment, resilience and optimism in the face of challenge.


It may encourage you to talk to your Doctor but it will also make you smile.

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Niall is an excellent Coach. He helped and guided me through developing a rough Idea into a polished TED talk . Excellent insights but advice that still let me be myself. 

Dr Faraz Pathan

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